Do any of these sound familiar?

You can't find time to read the Bible and STICK with it.

You want to read the Bible, but you can't stay consistent. No matter how hard you try to get into a routine, your prayer time only lasts a few days (at most) and then real life gets in the way.

You want devotions that actually change you from the inside out. 

Oh, and you want to stop falling asleep during your prayer time too.

You're super busy.

From the minute you wake up until you go to bed, your kids are asking for a snack or needing help with homework. 

You're juggling kids and work and home, and you don't even know when you could squeeze in an hour to pray and read the Bible.

You want the peace of God to be REAL in your life. You want to know Him and love Him more, but you don't know how it can fit into your daily life.

Your relationship with God feels like another thing on your to do list.

You know it's important to read God's Word but it's become just another task that you feel obligated to do. 

On the days you check it off, you barely remember what you've read, it doesn't feel fulfilling like you want it to. And on the days you don't get it done, you feel guilty.

I get it, I used to be where you are.

Just a few years ago, I was a mom of two young boys, working alongside my husband in our business, volunteering 6-7 hours a week at our church, and taking care of our home.

Busy was my middle name.

But I was empty spiritually. I wanted one of those relationships you see in "The War Room" but I honestly didn't know how to find the time.

That's why I created the Thriving Mom Club.

This is exactly what you need to have a thriving relationship with God that will 100% change your day to day life.

It's what all the Bible studies out there are missing. And it's exactly what I wish existed for me years ago.

The Thriving Mom Club is completely new and different. 

Here's how it works:

When you sign up, you'll get instant access to a monthly Bible study. And you'll get all the devotions right on your phone.

Every month, a new Bible study is released. We focus on one topic a month.

You'll watch or listen to the teaching I give on the topic (kinda like a sermon). Then, you get a workbook and four weeks of devotions that go with that lesson.

Here's the kicker:

Each daily audio lesson is 3-5 minutes long. That's it.

 I know what you're thinking...

You think that good quality Bible study equals the amount of time you spend. You think that that God expects you to spend hours reading the Bible and prayer in order to have a good relationship with Him.

But God is less concerned about how many chapters you've read that day and He's more concerned about you bringing Him INTO your day. 

Imagine if you spent 5 minutes a day studying the Bible and that 5 minutes change your ENTIRE day.

Hey there, I'm Ashley!

As a Bible teacher and Certified Christian Life Coach, I help busy moms (just like you!) deepen their relationships with God.

I am a wife, a mom, a business owner, a worship leader, and a foster mom. So I completely understand the demands on your day.

In the Thriving Mom Club, we'll go on a journey together. I'll teach you a way to study the Bible that goes with you all day.


How will this help me?

I teach a method of studying the Bible called the TEA method. It's all about bringing God's Word to life in YOUR life. You won't have to figure out what to study next, because a new Bible study will always show up every month. 

What topics are taught?

We focus on a new topic each month, we cover things like: 





Your Body as God's Temptle 


Controlling the Tongue

What if I'm not a mom?

We cover topics that are relevant to ALL believers.

Some lessons include advice on godly parenting, but even if you're not a mom, you'll benefit from every Bible study.

I teach on leadership, money, friendship, personal development and more! 

What format is this in?

All the Bible studies and lessons are delivered right to your online account. I use a platform called Teachable, so you'll log in from your device and everything is right at your fingertips! 

The lessons are in video and audio format and you download or print off the workbooks.

Can I cancel anytime?


The Thriving Mom Club is a monthly membership (kinda like the gym for your heart and mind). You can cancel at any time, no questions asked and you won't be charged again.

What if I have another question?

I'm here for you! Reach out to me personally by emailing any questions to 

I answer all my own emails within 24 hours.

There is no better program out there for busy moms. 

Single Bible studies cost at least $25 and by the time they get delivered by Amazon, you've lost your motivation.

For only $17 a month, you'll get a new Bible study automatically delivered to your phone.

Cancel anytime. (But trust me, you won't want to!) And to make sure you'll get the most out of it, I'll give you the first 30 days FREE!

Join FREE for 30 days then $17/month

Membership Bonuses

I want to help you apply God's Word in a super PRACTICAL way, so I'm also giving you access to my Christian Life Coaching Videos.

You'll get life coaching in ten areas of your life:

Coaching sessions can start at $100/hour, but you'll get the vidoes as a bonus with your membership!

I Want You to Be 100% Satisfied

Join for free for 30 days. Complete a Bible study. Watch the videos. Do the devotions. And if you're not happy, cancel within 30 days and you won't be charged a penny. There's zero risk to you.